01 DEL CENTRO An innovative project with the aim of respecting individual spaces but also connecting the community.
The project was designed with quality and comfort in mind, together with its proximity to both the boulevard and the main economic centers of the neighborhood.
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Altamar ALTAMAR The reflection of the sea in each of the buildings.
In one of the most stunning landscapes in all of Uruguay, on the coasts of Punta del Este, is the Altamar complex.
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01 Las Artes - Montevideo 01 LAS ARTES Exceptional location, one block from the Rambla, excellent services and amenities
1 block from the Rambla, 3 blocks from the Plaza Independencia, in the heart of the Arts District, surrounded by bars, museums, theaters and the high patrimonial value of the South Quarter of the City of Montevideo.
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Bellagio Tower - Punta del Este BELLAGIO TOWER High level design and nobility of construction in an excellent location
Roosevelt and Salt Lake meters from Cantegril Country Club 1,2 and 3 bedroom units, an ideal place to contemplate unforgettable sunsets.
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01 LIBERTADOR - Montevideo 01 LIBERTADOR Living in a vertical forest, in the heart of the La Aguada neighborhood, on the Diagonal Libertador that connects Plaza del Entrevero with the Legislative Palace
In the heart of the La Aguada neighborhood, on the Diagonal Libertador that connects Plaza del Entrevero with the Legislative Palace.
Apartments with 1,2 and 3 bedrooms, spacious and bright rooms...
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Proyectos Destacados



Ernesto E. López Lincuez Ernesto E. López Lincuez

(Lic. en Administración de Empresas / Magister en Finanzas de Empresas en Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"En primer lugar, mencionar que hace alrededor de 10 años ininterrumpidos, que recibo distintos servicios de Plaza Mayor.

Durante el período mencionado, contraté la administración de apartamentos rentados, y en todos los casos los servicios recibidos merecen ser destacados por su profesionalidad y el enfoque claro y concreto para atender en todo momento las inquietudes del cliente.

En tal orden de ideas, es imperativo, resaltar también la integridad con que todo el personal de la firma realiza sus actividades, estableciendo lazos de confianza nunca defraudada."

Robert Hunsley Robert Hunsley

(Real Estate Broker and Investor in Denver, Colorado USA)
"I want to thank Joseph Altman and the team at Plaza Mayor. I started looking for an investment property in Montevideo almost 10 years ago.

He helped us find a great opportunity while the building was still being built. This allowed us to make some changes to the floor plan. He helped us through the one year construction process.

He has also managed the property since keeping it rented and managing the day-to-day responsibilities since I am usually a continent away. If you are looking for a personal or investment property in Montevideo, I highly recommend that you speak with Joseph and Plaza Mayor."


The dollar is falling

After a stability in May, and recently started June we see a consecutive week down, the dollar fell 0.7% and moderated its annual appreciation to 2.9%.
Today's price is: $ 42.30 for the purchase, $ 44.70 for the sale, making an interbank average of $ 43,526, trading $ 1 less than in March.
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Argentines exchange houses in Punta del Este for apartments in Montevideo

As a result of the pandemic, Punta del este is not receiving tourists and maintaining a vacation home is proving too expensive.
According to Ricardo Mataloni, commercial director of the developer Vitrum Capital, some Argentines are selling their properties in different areas of Buenos Aires and looking to put their houses for sale in Punta del Este with the intention of buying properties in Montevideo for permanent housing or to generate income. . Many want to give their property as a form of payment.
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50% of the purchase and rental operations in Uruguay are by Argentines.

The trend of Argentines who decide to emigrate from the other side of the Rio de La Plata continues to increase and this is reflected in the real estate sector
Until two or three years ago, the participation of Argentines in the real estate business was very low and, practically, concentrated in Punta del Este.
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Uruguay, one of the countries chosen for US citizens to migrate after the pandemic

The website businessinsider.com, created a ranking of the 20 best democratic countries for Americans to move in after the pandemic, where the climate is decent and life is affordable.
Among other things, they have great weather, are welcoming to newcomers, and are not too expensive to live.
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