One of the most exclusive, harmonious and prominent neighborhoods of the city of Montevideo is Carrasco. It is located 15 km from downtown Montevideano, and was named in that way in memory of Salvador Sebastián Carrasco, who was one of the first settlers of the city, having settled in the colonial era. Said character was uncle grandfather, neither more nor less than the greatest hero of the history of Uruguay, General José Gervasio Artigas.

Carrasco maintains the characteristics that were inspired by the works of the French urbanist Charles Thays, which were developed by Alfredo Arocena, who inherited the lands that are now part of the neighborhood, and thus began, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first planning project urban area of ​​Montevideo from what was called “the colony”. This project contained what became an emblem of the area over time, the Hotel Casino Carrasco, which was inspired by the luxurious and majestic hotels of Europe, even though the gap between both continents was more accentuated than in the present. The uncertainty that was generated by the First World War, unfortunately left the project without investors, so the creation of the Hotel Carrasco dilated a few years in time. In this way, the municipality acquired the land and began to give even more shape to the original project and thus creating the current street layout that the neighborhood maintains. It was only in 1921 when the aforementioned Hotel Casino Carrasco was inaugurated, and as if to mark that year in the rich history of the Carrasco neighborhood, we can add that it was also the year in which the Stella Maris Church was inaugurated, today two architectural emblems of the neighborhood , the city, and also the continent.
The old but renovated Hotel Carrasco, retains all its splendor of yesteryear and today is managed by the French firm Sofitel, being chosen by the most demanding visitors in their stay in Montevideo.

The design inspired by the European spas, on the French coasts and the layout of its streets can still be seen by walking through each of the streets of the Carrasco neighborhood, which was renewed and updated without losing the essence that makes it unique. Carrasco, from its beginnings was designed as an exclusive residential area, with dowries of suburban style, where green and manicured gardens abound, winding streets and a promenade open to a spectacular and clean contemplation of the sea. Its beaches are wide and endowed with white and soft sands, which have very calm waters with an ideal amount of wind to develop water sports such as Sail, or Kite Surf. The ravine of Carrasco is also very conducive to the practice of other sports such as running, hiking, or bicycle rides, which is very enjoyed by the whole family, but in particular by children.

On the Arocena street, the main avenue of the neighborhood, there is a busy shopping area. In Carrasco there is a varied gastronomic offer, highlighting the best Uruguayan meats and like any coastal neighborhood, an excellent sea food.

With the passing of time, Apart Hotels have thrived in Carrasco, which specialize in the stay of business executives, who are looking for a high quality accommodation option, located in a quiet environment away from the city center, and very close to the main airport of the country.

Carrasco was characterized throughout the years by the tranquility, security and above all good taste in public and private spaces, and although the growth of it was exponential, from its beginnings the mixture between the avant-garde constructions and the typical characteristics of A spa attracted countless foreign personalities from the world of art, science and politics. Albert Einstein, Federico García Lorca, among others were some of those who during their stay in the Uruguayan capital decided to stay in the mythical neighborhood of Carrasco.

Currently the Arocena street, the main artery of the neighborhood, is in the process of being declared “tourist interest”, that although it is from its beginnings, the neighbors of the area are pushing this measure to achieve even more foreign visits. This initiative has as its corner the pedestrianization project of part of this avenue, promoting the walk in the area of ​​those who live there, and of those who are visiting the area.

Despite being the most exclusive neighborhood in the city,
Carrasco has found the balance between the spirit of Montevideo at the beginning of the century, with the technological advance of the passage of time, which makes the neighborhood a very quiet, unconditioned and warm area for the families. The friendliness of its neighbors, the tranquility and the safety of its streets, make walks and family walks more enjoyable. Undoubtedly, Carrasco is an ideal neighborhood for families and lovers of a vineyard style.

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