Centro, Downtown

At the time when the now known as “Old City” was within the high walls that surrounded it, outside the enclosure was the “New City”, which was urban development that exceeded the existing walls. After the approval in 1829 of the demolition of the walls of the Old City, it would begin the extension of the city, with a strong influence of the European cities, which already had years of created, and a functioning to imitate. There it is born in the Center, the main artery of the city of Montevideo, Avenida 18 de Julio.
The Avenue in question, from its beginnings was the main axis of the commercial and bureaucratic development of the country. Historically, shops of all kinds were installed there, and the vast majority of public services offered by the Uruguayan State. Currently 18 de Julio retains that characteristic, having expanded its own dynamism to contiguous and adjacent streets, grouping businesses and services that make this area the “Center” of Montevideo. Its name refers to the function that this neighborhood occupies within the city, since it is indispensable in the Montevideana economy, housing companies, banks, ministries and galleries. Culture and art are not absent in the Center, since there are many theaters, museums and educational centers.
The gastronomic offer and entertainment offered by the neighborhood is one of the most varied, offering shows for all the range of tastes found in the Montevideana society. In this area we can find many pubs, discos and restaurants, which with different characteristics, have the most varied offer in Montevideo.
The locomotion in the Center is unbeatable, either to travel the neighborhood, or to go to or from the Center, which allows visitors to know the place, and those who live there, the possibility of not losing time in transfers .
The architecture in the Center maintains many characteristics of earlier times, with the strong influence of modern buildings, the nuance that both currents generate, added to the countless number of squares and monuments in impeccable state of conservation, make the walk through the area be very nice and entertaining for those who visit it.

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