One of the most colorful coastal neighborhoods, besieged by the Buceo, Punta Gorda and Carrasco neighborhoods is Malvín. A historic neighborhood, very serene and quiet, with great views and close to everything.
Juan Balbín González Vallejo, Lieutenant Colonel, pulpero of the period of 1770, member of the Cabildo of 1776, provincial mayor and general depository of the time, it was from him that he inherited the name of this beautiful neighborhood.
The history of the neighborhood begins with the water mill, formed with stone foundations and brick walls that Juan María Pérez built in 1840, today it is very well preserved and there the Julio Herrera and Reissig municipal library works. At the time when Malvin were only dunes and some fifths of tenants, Pérez began to forge the history of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.
Over the years, Malvin became a spa, as all the coastal neighborhoods of Montevideo in the early 1900s, the rise of what we now know as Pocitos, gave even more life to this neighborhood, than by proximity and similarities also began to grow.
In 1917 the first access life was created, the 18 de Diciembre street, one of the streets with the most stories of the neighborhood, which preceded even the beautiful Rambla de Malvín. Along with the rambla, what we know today as Orinoco street was paved, thus tracing an access to the north, and another one in an east-west direction. With these advances and the arrival of the tram, began to settle the first families that would give foot to the traditional lifestyle of the neighborhood.
There are several reasons why the neighborhood is chosen to visit and especially to live, the coastal Rambla, the main reason for pride of those who live there, the tree-lined streets, quiet and serene, the friendliness of the neighbors and the construction of large houses , comfortable and with great taste.
At a cultural level, the neighborhood is very nourished by what are the comparsas La Figari and La Gozadera, which take advantage of the summer weather to walk around the neighborhood delighting the neighbors with their typical Uruguayan Candombe.
The beaches of the neighborhood are iconic within the area, and allow the practice of sea and wind sports, thus forming one of the most beautiful postcards that the Uruguayan Coast offers us.
The sport always says present in Malvín, both on the beaches, and in the squares of the neighborhood, with a very important influx of children. The Club Malvín fulfills its purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle in the youngest, organizing sports and cultural events to attract all the public of Malvín and surrounding areas.
A neighborhood surrounded by activities, but without losing a quiet lifestyle, relaxed and above all very healthy, without being contaminated by the whirlpool of the city, music fun and sports make Malvin is the best neighborhoods Montevideanos to walk and live.

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