Parque Batlle

Located south of Avenida Italia, and north of Rivera Avenue, two of the most important arteries of Montevideo, is the Parque Batlle neighborhood, named after the large green lung that is incorporated in the center of the area. It is framed by neighborhoods with a different dynamism from what it has, such as Tres Cruces, Pocitos or La Blanqueada, and it has a very peculiar architecture for what the area is.
In most of its registers are houses of good size, with large and very well-kept gardens, which makes walks in the neighborhood so pleasant. In the center of the neighborhood is a park of about 71 hectares, meticulously maintained, and constantly maintained, this park was named in the same way as the neighborhood, in honor of José Batlle y Ordoñez, in the year of his death. The Park is one of the largest reliefs that the city has as such, it is an immense garden full of trees and a green lawn that please the view, renew the air, and allows the practice of endless activities in the city. they see disabled.
This park began with the donation of 11 hectares of it, by its owner Antonio Pereira in 1906, and continued with the expropriation of adjoining land, thus reaching the current surface. The Park is one of the biggest attractions in the area, not only because of the calm and peace that is found inside, but because of the municipal Velodrome, and 3 football stadiums, one of them the first World Cup stadium, the ” Centenary”. Every day they visit the park neighbors of the area, as well as those who walk in the neighborhood, since it invites sports, walks, and walks.
Within Batlle Park you can find many historical monuments, such as the Obelisk of Montevideo, or the monument to “La Carreta”, by José Belloni, among others.
Undoubtedly when choosing the area where to live with the family, Batlle Park is one of the best options offered by the city of Montevideo, the perfect combination between proximity to the downtown area, tranquility, security and harmony.

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