Parque Rodó

Parque Rodó is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods with the most history in our city. In it there are many recreational spaces, which added to the beautiful Rambla Costanera and one of the best beaches in Montevideo, make Parque Rodo one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city.
Although in the Rodo Park have been installed centers of studies dependent on the University of the Republic, museums, as well as the Headquarters of Mercosur, the neighborhood is characterized by recreational spaces, having a very varied offer that includes all the tastes. Some of the aforementioned walks and premises that have been installed in the Parque Rodo are for example the so-called Summer Theater, also known as the Ramón Collazo Theater, which hosts shows of all kinds, in which those related to the famous Carnival predominate. Uruguayan. Parque Rodó has gambling halls, the well-known Casino Parque Hotel, and the largest amusement park for children named after the neighborhood. We can also find the Luis Franzini Stadium, one of the best equipped in Montevideo, and the beautiful and very well maintained Barrio Jardin.
The history of the Rodó Park begins with the kick of an iconic character in Uruguayan history, Don Francisco Piria, who together with Banco de Credito Real Uruguayo start the subdivision and sale of lots in what was called at that time “The New Barrio Porteño”.
The land of the neighborhood at that time belonged to José Ramírez Pérez, an entrepreneur in the area of ​​the famous salting plants that settled on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, and it is in his honor that the beach of the neighborhood bears his name.
With the participation of Piria, these lands were beginning to be sold, and with some undertakings from the public sector and the private sector, Parque Rodó was nourished by inhabitants and people who chose it to spend their free time with their families. Some of the mentioned undertakings were the amusement park, in which games were installed for the little ones, ponies, and gastronomic places. An artificial lake was also built, with a very picturesque castle, bridges and internal paths, which transformed it into one of the most beautiful walks in Montevideo.
The park that is inside the neighborhood is undoubtedly one of the busiest, colorful and maintained green lungs in the city. With the passage of time, the equipment was increasing, the details that make it unique were preserved, and the installations that required maintenance were remodeled, becoming a benchmark in the childhood of the vast majority of the people of Montevideo. The park maintained its landscaping, the native flora that grew there, and in this way makes whoever goes through it, find peace, tranquility and relaxation.
Parque Rodo is still updated and renewed without losing its essence, there is currently one of the largest fairs that is installed in Montevideo, has a project to modernize the Park, and a new gastronomic promenade will be installed. The Parque Rodo neighborhood remains one of the most attractive areas to visit, or also to stay.

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