Puerto del Buceo

About 8 kilometers from downtown Montevideo is the mythical Barrio del Puertito del Buceo, which is so called by the natural formation of a small bay, which houses small and medium size boats, mainly sports and leisure. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful postcards offered by our city, and added to the architectural development that emerged in the area, achieved the perfect balance between the whirlpool of urban lifestyle and a landscape that exudes relaxation.
The Puerto del Buceo gained great prominence in Uruguayan history at the beginning of the 19th century, when during the English invasions those commanded by Sir Samuel Auchmuty disembarked. This beautiful bay also starred in a very particular fact of our history, when in 1814 the Naval Combat of Diving was raised between the Revolutionary Naval squadron and the Royal Spanish Fleet. Undoubtedly the economic interests of the area triggered this dispute, which ended with the victory of Admiral Guillermo Brown, which meant a heavy blow against Spanish colonialism. If we continue with the history of Puerto del Buceo, we found that it was the entrance of merchandise for the interior of Uruguay, during the Government of El Cerrito between 1843 and 1851.
Advancing in the history of this beautiful area of ​​Montevideo, already ending the twentieth century, began one of the largest urban developments that faced our city, and the kickoff to that growth was given by the first Shopping Center in the city, named Montevideo Shopping. As it used to be expected after this construction, the valorization of the zone was in ascent, and thus the massive construction in the zone with condominiums of houses, and mainly of offices began. The World Trade Center, is the focal point of the neighborhood, which is a set of commercial buildings, where they have formed a business center and diplomatic headquarters. The sum of all these factors make the Puerto del Buceo one of the most dynamic and crowded areas of the city.
In addition to the growth developed by Montevideo Shopping, which is home to the most important stores that are based in our country, one of the largest gastronomic and beverage offers in the area began to develop. Nowadays, the Puerto de Buceo is par excellence an area in which the nightly activity arose, with a public of high demand and willing to enjoy the diverse offer that the neighborhood offers.
In short, we can say that Puerto del Buceo combines the healthy style typical of a coastal neighborhood, with the great accessibility of services offered by the area. The urban development maintains a constant growth, which values ​​the area more and more. Undoubtedly, Puerto del Buceo is one of the best options offered by Montevideo, to live, walk and enjoy.

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