Tres Cruces

Located at the intersection of three large avenues of the city of Montevideo, the streets 8 de Octubre, Boulevard España and Avenida 18 de Julio is the Tres Cruces neighborhood.
Although there are several theories about the appointment of the neighborhood, the one that has more foundations is that there was held the April Congress, called the Congress of Tres Cruces in 1813. This Congress was popularized in the rich national history, since in he was dictated by General José Gervasio Artigas the instructions of year XIII.
The importance acquired by the area of ​​Tres Cruces in the Republican era was really significant, there were installed several salons, the first of which was the Spanish Franciso Martinez Nieto. The steam machinery as a heat transmitter was fundamental in the process by extracting the fat from the animals.
The area grew noticeably with the appearance of grocery stores, stores and provisions, the development was vertiginous and became a passage very elapsed due to the avenues that crossed the city through the neighborhood.
Currently Tres Cruces is even more influential in Montevideo traffic since the arteries July 18, October 8 and Avenida Italia provide quick access to departures and entrances to the city in all directions. Being a neuralgic point of the city, there was installed the Tres Cruces Terminal, which derives transportation to all points of the country, and to bordering countries such as Argentina and Brazil. The terminal, accompanied by the Tres Cruces Shopping, makes the neighborhood a very busy area, since services and locomotion abound in the neighborhood.
There are monuments and historic squares in Tres Cruces, such as the Obelisk of Montevideo, which pays homage to the Constituents of 1830, and also the Barrio, the monument to Rivera, popularly known as the Plaza de la Bandera. Churches, hospitals and commercial premises finish defining the area. The white cross that indicates the place of the mass officiated by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the country in 1987, decorates the neighborhood.
Undoubtedly Tres Cruces is a very dynamic area, with services of all kinds, where many people choose to live montevideanos, especially young people who have quick access to educational bodies and locomotion to the entire city.

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