Villa Biarritz

The Villa Biarritz neighborhood is located between the most distinguished areas of the city of Montevideo, it is the nexus between Punta Carretas and Pocitos, and it maintains many similarities with both, with the advantage of having the largest púlmon in the whole area, the Park Villa Biarritz.
It is developed on the coast, in one of the most careful and showy boulevards of our city, added to what is the Park Villa Biarritz, we can say that it is one of the neighborhoods with the best views offered by Montevideo.
The Villa Biarritz park, declared a National Historic Monument, is an extensive garden, with an important amount of trees, and recreational areas especially for the youngest members of the family.
Although it is a matter of discussion, the clearest hypothesis about the appointment of the area is due to a locality in Basque France, since that is the name of the city where the families that settled for the first time came from.
In 1904, Juan Zorrilla de San Martín, famous sculptor, built his summer home in the area, which at that time was one of the most outstanding spas of the Montevidean aristocracy. This house was acquired by the State in 1943, converting it into the current Zorrilla Museum, one of the attractions offered by the Villa Biarritz neighborhood.
Undoubtedly Villa Biarritz Park is one of the favorite destinations for those who live and walk in the area, taking advantage of that reason, and the extensive surface that covers, there was installed in 1930 the peculiar “Fair of Villa Biarritz”, the largest offers the city of Montevideo. It is a walk that offers articles of crafts, clothing, accessories, and food.
The Villa Biarritz neighborhood has an excellent cuisine and entertainment, the proximity to the Shopping Punta Carretas, and the shopping center that was formed in its environment, make visitors and residents of the neighborhood enjoy various recreational activities.
Villa Biarritz is a segment of the city of Montevideo that combines tranquility, beauty and access to services

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