50% of the purchase and rental operations in Uruguay are by Argentines.

The trend of Argentines who decide to emigrate from the other side of the Rio de La Plata continues to increase and this is reflected in the real estate sector

Until two or three years ago, the participation of Argentines in the real estate business was very low and, practically, concentrated in Punta del Este. This changed in recent times. The search, now, is targeting  Montevideo and particular areas such as Pocitos.

Despite this increase in demand, property prices in Uruguay remain stable. Except for those considered “promoted homes” – they are aimed at a lower-income public – which are set in Uruguayan currency, the rest are ruled by the dollar, as in Argentina.

There is also a lot of demand for the purchase of real estate from the well, which is reactivating the construction sector in that country


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Uruguay, one of the countries chosen for US citizens to migrate after the pandemic

The website, created a ranking of the 20 best democratic countries for Americans to move in after the pandemic, where the climate is decent and life is affordable.
Among other things, they have great weather, are welcoming to newcomers, and are not too expensive to live.
The United States has one of the highest numbers of cumulative coronavirus cases per capita, has had a significant increase in unemployment, and is already feeling the negative economic impact of the pandemic.
For our list, we looked at five metrics for democratic countries, including average temperatures, costs of living, how welcoming a country is to migrants, the country’s score on The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, and the decrease in daily cases of coronavirus.
Among the countries that occupy the top positions in the ranking, are Spain, New Zealand, Uruguay in the number two position and Australia topping the list.
Uruguay’s cost of living is 34.8% lower than that of the United States. The country also has a pleasant climate, with an annual temperature of …

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In June, labor demand showed signs of improvement

After the deterioration caused by the pandemic, the closing of schools, halting jobs, stopping stores, there was a drop in the supply of jobs, reaching the lowest levels since 2005.
To the 120 thousand lost jobs, the 240 thousand workers with suspension of activities join (INE)
In June, a 35% increase in job opportunities stood out, above the previous month, which means the beginning of the recovery.
According to Advice, 41 job offers per day were published in June.
All areas of activity are below their previous level, with tourism being the most affected, ranking 60% below its level and the one that most increased its demand compared to the previous month was customer service with 96%.
The process of increasing labor demand will be gradual.
Source: El Observador newspaper

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