30 May 2019 Share

Entrepreneurs announce that they reached signatures to plebiscite financial inclusion

The initiative, supported by movements such as Un Uruguay, seeks to hold the consultationin the next departmental elections.

According to Francisco Alfonso Pérez, president of the Business Chamber of Maldonado, he announced at the end of April that reached the number of signatures necessary to bring the Compulsory Financial Inclusion Law to a plebiscite. In the press conference given by the owner of the trade union mentioned that a total of 272 thousand...

28 May 2019 Share

The Consumer Confidence Index continues to rise due to the current period of national elections

The month of May turns out to be the second consecutive increase in the Consumer Confidence Index, recovering by 1.8 points. In this way, the aforementioned registry places him "at a level of 46.95", thus remaining in a zone of "moderate pessimism", moving closer to the "neutral zone" (for which 49.9 points are needed) which It took place in December of the year 2016.

The index in this opportunity as well as the one mentioned in 2016, is prepared by the...

30 April 2019 Share

The expansion of parking spaces required in new buildings is being analyzed

The Municipality of Montevideo (IM) is analyzing the modification of the Municipal Digest (it is departmental normative base), in order to demand that in certain areas of greater traffic flow, the new buildings have one parking per apartment.

This change would help to decongest the streets, a topic that currently represents a problem in many neighborhoods of the capital. The bottleneck does not appear only because of the increase in cars that are parked on...

29 April 2019 Share

The solidity of the banks generates tranquility in Uruguay

According to the El País newspaper click here, profitability "was 12.9% of the equity in the year to March, after a bad year before." This news is not new either, since various Financial System Reports show this solidity, both in internal analysis and in international organizations.

On the other hand, international financial conditions are changing and this has affected the region, being observed in the political uncertainty of neighboring countries...