Argentines interested in investing in Uruguay

After President Luis Lacalle Pou mentioned Uruguay’s vocation to receive migration.
A virtual event entitled “Real Estate Opportunities in Uruguay” was held, where agents from the sector and investment advisers ratified the growing interest on the part of neighboring citizens to buy real estate or fields on this side of Rio de la Plata to obtain rent or to move.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a list that gives priority to start the post-pandemic residency procedures in Uruguay, and the management with the Visa company to enable them to pay real estate fees with Argentine cards.
This “is not to buy a unit, but for the automatic fee” that arises from the financing of the property. In the case of payment of common expenses, the card charges an extra 4.5%.

He stressed that there is a varied offer of products for foreigners who want to invest in real estate, and that beyond the Argentines, “inquiries from Brazilians and Chileans” are received. In the case of the former.
The president of the Real Estate Chamber, Wilder Ananikian pointed out that “the difference is that before they looked (investments in Uruguay) for rent and now also as their own future home.”

“Today Punta del Este has profitability and a variety of (real estate) products, whose prices are 20% lower due to the crisis and it is an opportunity. If you buy as an investment, you generate an annual income in dollars of 4%, because it is the most prestigious spa in Latin America and only with the January rental are all expenses and taxes covered, ”said Covello.

Information source: Diario El Pais

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