Get to know our way of working remotely. Stay at home!

In accordance with what is suggested by the National Government regarding the COVID -19 pandemic and always working towards preserving health, well-being and taking the necessary provisions, it is that our office will remain closed. But we will continue working remotely, for which we have designed work procedures that do not stop your investments or put your health at risk.

This is why we have the possibility of:

1- Visits and virtual tours of the properties on our website.
2- Interviews through video conferences on Skype and WhatsApp Bussines.
3- Group meetings in Zoom.
4- Digital signatures of contracts and online documents.
5- We work with rental guarantees in non-contact ways.
6- Notary and accounting advice service by telephone and online.
7- 100% online property management.

At Plaza Mayor we work from the beginning of our company in the digitization of processes and in situations like this we redouble our efforts, adapting ourselves to the circumstances to carry out their business as always in the safest and most reliable way.

Ask us about these work options, we are at your disposal to prepare the most suitable method and according to your needs.

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