Interview with President Luis Lacalle Pou in the Argentine medium TN

President Luis Lacalle Pou gave an interview to an Argentine media and it was all the rage on social networks.
The TN signal conducted the first interview with the Uruguayan president where they spoke mainly of the COVID-19 combat in Uruguay.

 "He was not willing to compel Uruguayans to confine themselves and go towards a police state" he also added in response to his strategy against COVID-19 "The Uruguayan has a genetic vocation in freedom. It is a very precious asset, which Sometimes in daily logic we forget, but in difficult moments the Uruguayan comes out ahead with that value and defends it, "said Lacalle Pou. And for this reason, he considered that he was not willing to implement a strict quarantine in the country. "You cannot put a prisoner who tries to gain weight," he said.

The president also highlighted the self-care attitude that Uruguayans had in the face of the pandemic and highlighted the individual and collective responsibility of society.

Lacalle Pou reviewed other topics such as diplomatic relations between the countries, the bilateral relationship with Argentina, its link with Alberto Fernández and the future of Mercosur.
"We look for coincidences of our country with the Argentine government. If we base our relations on ideologies, perhaps we will have conflicts and we would not represent the whole country. We have to honor a historical relationship of brotherhood"
“Uruguay has a vocation to grow, to attract people. We don't want them to just come to invest, we want them to come live. It is not only designed for Argentina, but for the world "

In this regard, the executive branch published a decree in June on the requirements for accessing a fiscal residence and promoting the arrival of capital in the country, reducing the assets required to process the residence.
Material generated from the information in the digital version of the newspaper La Nación (ar) and El Observador (uy)

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