Montevideo is the best city to live in South America, according to consultancy Mercer

Among the list of advantages that has the capital of the country, urban sanitation stands out, a factor that the consultant added for the first time to assess the comfort of cities.

Montevideo is ranked No. 77. Second, it is followed by Buenos Aires arriving at No. 91 and very close, Santiago de Chile in position 93.

Among the worst cities in South America in relation to quality of life, is Caracas (193) and Port-au-Prince in Haiti (228).

In terms of urban sanitation mentioned, Honolulu (the capital of Hawaii) ranks first in the world, followed by Ottawa, Canada. The Uruguayan city is the South American city that occupies the highest position (71). On the other hand, Dhaka – Bangladesh- (230) and Port-au-Prince – Haiti- (231) are in the last positions.

This is the twentieth survey conducted by this company, which returns to place Montevideo among the best in the region. Last year, it had been in first place in the Latin American ranking. This year the best city in Latin America is Pointe-à-Pitre, located on the island of Guadalupe, which is part of an overseas region of France.

Worldwide, Vienna remains in the first place as it has been doing for nine years because, among other qualities, it offers safe and well-structured public transport as well as cultural and recreational spaces. Zurich is second and Auckland and Munich share the third place. Vancouver, which is the best city in North America, completes the top five places.

The balance analyzes 39 factors linked to political life, social, economic, health, education, public services, transport, environment, housing, among others.

What is Mercer about? is a company that uses analysis and perspectives as catalysts for change, anticipating and understanding the individual impact of business decisions, now and in the future. They also look at the current and future needs of people through an innovation perspective, with a comprehensive vision, specialized knowledge and deep analytical rigor to offer ideas and solutions.

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