Punta del Este highlighted internationally by the magazine Salidas

According to the magazine Departures, recognized worldwide as a quarterly publication that evaluates tourist destinations considered "luxury", Punta del Este is the Jet Set of South America.

This is due to the attraction it exerts in the region, where the arrival of Argentine public -and wealthy Uruguayans – stands out, who during the holidays leave their mark and enjoy the benefits (beaches, restaurants, outstanding architecture such as Casapueblo and a charm single coastal), and even modify its demographics.

On the other hand, the high-rollers who resort to casinos, 5-star hotels and the yacht port, which complete the landscape every season, are also mobilized.

However, we should not only focus on Punta del Este and its surroundings, but other towns such as José Ignacio, which according to the magazine "receives the most elegant crowd," are of vital importance. Its name is due to a solitary fisherman who, until just a few decades ago, toured the inaccessible places of the fishing village. Today, the area boasts the most expensive properties in South America, the value of which can be as high as $ 15 million.

According to many assiduous travelers, the building in Punta del Este has developed so much that it resembles that of Miami Beach, but unlike this, José Ignacio has restrictions to build in height, so that it maintains a conservative and unique architecture.

Geographically, Punta del Este is a peninsula that goes into the sea and is located just 150 km from the Uruguayan capital. It marks the political limit of where the Río de la Plata ends and the Atlantic Ocean begins.

Another recognized work is "the fingers of Punta del Este" that has given rise to many legends and is the best known postcard of the cape. Also the Brava beaches (with choppy waters and ideal for water sports) and Playa Mansa (transparent and calm waters) together with Gorriti Island complete the combo of the global destination.

For its part, the Port of Punta del Este offers the opportunity to take a walk, watch the sunset or have a good time in the bars, restaurants and pubs that are in the port. The seafood is the culinary star of the menu and it is also possible to hire sea and fishing trips.

The Museo del Mar is ideal for the whole family with a natural history told in 2300 m3, divided into four large rooms and offers its material to the public throughout the year. It is made up of: The Sea Museum, The Spas, The Memories Museum and finally, the Insectarium. As for the Isla de los Lobos, it is a nature reserve with the largest colony of sea lions in the western hemisphere. Two species live on the island: the sea bear and the sea lion.

The magazine also mentions the Vik, Mallman and Bulgheroni families for the investments made that, over time, became affluence areas and, therefore, obligatory visits. "Uruguay is like the Switzerland of South America," said Christian Wylie, director of Bodega Garzón. Political, social and financial stability, like offshore private banking, give people with high purchasing power the peace of mind they need to care for their wealth.

Material generated from site material: Departures

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