The expansion of parking spaces required in new buildings is being analyzed

The Municipality of Montevideo (IM) is analyzing the modification of the Municipal Digest (it is departmental normative base), in order to demand that in certain areas of greater traffic flow, the new buildings have one parking per apartment.

This change would help to decongest the streets, a topic that currently represents a problem in many neighborhoods of the capital. The bottleneck does not appear only because of the increase in cars that are parked on public roads, but also because of the lack of space in the buildings themselves.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of the Municipality of Montevideo, Fernando Nopitsch, indicated that the regulations deserve an update and, in addition, another issue worked on was the distribution of the points in the city in which the tariff parking is applied.

Given the exponential increase in the number of cars in the city, the authorities are forced to analyze different roads to avoid crowds in different road sections and also reduce the number of cars that are parked on the streets. "The current regulations state that at least: "one place every four units in buildings of up to nine meters, one place every three units in buildings of up to 13.5 meters and one place every two units when the height of the construction exceeds the 13.5 meters".

However, housing cooperatives, housing projects for relocation and recycling are for the moment exempt from meeting these requirements.

So it is necessary to make the current provisions more flexible, taking into account the increase in the height of the new projects in many areas of Montevideo and, as we have seen, amplified by the increase in the number of cars in circulation.

If it is possible to include modifications that contain more space for parking, a change will be necessary in the "plans of housing developers and construction companies, which will have to adapt their capacities, budgets and projects". But the benefit, will undoubtedly be a greater healthiness for the circulation in the city.

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