Uruguay presented investment opportunities to Argentines


Finishing the year 2019 and together with the first announcements given by Lacalle Pou to encourage the investment of entrepreneurs from Argentina, our country carried out the activity: “Investment opportunities in Uruguay,” which took place in Buenos Aires.

It was organized by the Institute for the Promotion of Investments, Exports of Goods and Services and Country Image “Uruguay XXI”, with a view to positioning it as an investment destination for Argentine companies that point to the region and the world, including sectors such as Science of Life, Corporate Centers, Agribusiness and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The opportunities were presented at a working breakfast organized by the aforementioned Institute and the Embassy of Uruguay in Argentina, at the residence of Héctor Lescano Fraschini. Networking was highlighted with a delegation of 30 Uruguayan assistants and 100 Argentine businessmen. The work tables were distributed according to sector specialists and representatives of the private sector were responsible for advising on investment possibilities.

For the Life Sciences sector, he spoke about Pharma Logistics and Medicinal Cannabis, while in the sector of regional corporate centers, there was talk about the centralization of shared services and trading. Food and the forestry-wood sector were the priority items in the Agribusiness area.

At the Farma table, Megalabs' success story was presented with the Logistics corporate manager, Ana Carina Delgado, who shared with those present what activities have been carried out since Uruguay and the reasons for their selection.

For the development of the Case of success of the ICT sector, Globant and one of its founders, Néstor Nocetti, who addressed the experience of settling in our country, were presented. For his part, Ricardo Domínguez de RICA Consultores (specialized in taxes, labor, accounting and investment projects) presented the most outstanding features of Law 19,179 on free software and open formats in the State, which has been in force in our country since January 2019 .

Other prominent figures who participated were: the co-founder and Executive Director of Aguada Park, Francisco Ravecca and the business development manager of Zonamérica, Leandro Bonilla, on the occasion of the free zone regime. Both emphasized again the different options to settle in Uruguay.

There was present decision 33/15 of the MERCOSUR Common Market Council that regulates the treatment applicable “to goods originating in the countries that are members of the block, which transit through commercial or industrial free zones, export processing zones and special customs zones" In the words of the former vice president, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, "This rule is a very important step for the development of logistics businesses and is part of the strategy of international insertion (which drives) the Foreign Ministry".

Material generated from site information: Uruguay XXI

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