Know why to entrust Plaza Mayor ™ with the management of your property.

Our objective is to provide a property management service for rent in Montevideo and Punta del Este. Through which we grant a great deal between owner-tenant relationship working to guarantee the tenant’s comfort and the security of the owner when renting his property.

Comprehensive and personalized service, free time management service for rentals

In Plaza Mayor ™ we assign a unique advisor for each of our clients, thus guaranteeing a personalized and high quality service. We collect the rent and make the payments by delivering a settlement on a monthly basis and depositing the available balances in your bank account. We are in charge of withholding and payment of IRPF / IRNR as well as all legal and municipal charges to the IMM (Municipality of Montevideo) of the real estate tax and the tax on primary education to ANEP (National Administration of Primary Education).

Ensure your safety

We analyze each lease request, accepting only real guarantees for your properties, which may be insurance companies such as PORTO Seguros, BHU deposits, real estate, ANDA or CGN.

We inform you about your tenant not registering debts of any kind, using the most reliable databases in order to provide the maximum degree of security, when renting your real estate.

We request in all cases, income certificates by a public accountant or salary receipts to potential tenants that triple the amount of rent plus common expenses, to verify that they have the necessary resources to pay the obligations assumed in the contract.

We make inquiries about the personal, professional and financial references of your potential tenant to contribute to the management, obtaining through them a clear situation for each case.

Rental properties

We have great availability of clients to rent your property and be able to optimize your real estate income.
We work with local client, companies abroad, embassies and with the entire network of real estate agencies to lease your property quickly and in this way that you can achieve the best returns on your investment.

Hiring Insurance

We take care of contracting theft or fire insurance for your safety at the best market prices.

Manage your properties online remotely (Pc, Tablet or Smart Phones)

To avoid queues and waiting, we have a fully digitized On Line property management system in which you can manage your property 100% remotely as well as view your lease agreements, know the current status of your properties, contact a representative To immediately see their monthly settlements and statements like making all kinds of requests from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

Elaboration of leases and inventory and constant legal and notarial advice

We draw up your lease agreements in accordance with the laws in force, guaranteeing that we safeguard people as their real estate. We make inventories about the state of the property and its facilities. We provide constant legal advice during the rent before any consultation.

Home assistance in maintenance and repairs

We have an immediate response service to assist at the time of unforeseen repairs for sanitary maintenance, electrical or breakages in the property to ensure the optimal operation of facilities and services.

Wholesale benefits

If you have more than one rental property in Plaza Mayor ™ we have designed a wholesale rate and special benefits, please contact us.

Income Advances

We offer you the possibility of total or partial advances of the rent of your real estate.

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