In our B2B Synergy service for companies we assign an expert in the corporate area, to collaborate with the optimal development helping to achieve your objectives within the established deadlines. We provide assessment and advisory services as well as project management among our value-added services for your organization.
One of the most remarkable characteristics is the unique management in the administration area, since in Plaza Mayor we assign a single advisor who will be in direct line with your company, due to the high degree of importance it deserves for the correct development of any investment of capital. Posing in this way an extension of your company seeking to provide the appropriate synergy approach for each situation.
Our Relocation and legal advice services are carried out by professionals of the highest level who will help and facilitate the establishment of your organization in our country.

Sale of properties, apartments, houses, land and commercial and industrial premises. Buying property, real estate in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Sale for investment of units in the well and projects under construction.

Sale or rental of luxury properties personalized service in premium properties.

Property management for rent and sale

We work in the Information Clearinghouse, InforCheck and we have our own databases to be able to provide the maximum degree of security when renting your real estate. We make inquiries about the personal, professional and financial references of your potential tenant to contribute to the management, obtaining through these a clear situation for each case. We draw up your lease agreements, guaranteeing that we protect people as well as real estate.

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