General terms and conditions of service:

The realization of any intermediation, management or transaction carried out by Plaza Mayor implies the knowledge and acceptance of the bases established below:

Plaza Mayor is a company that revolves in the real estate sector, complying with all the requirements established in the current Uruguayan regulations. We are integrated into the CIU, an organization that brings together the most prominent real estate companies in the city, which guarantees seriousness and responsibility in commercial activities with our clients. We also have authorization from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports as tour operators, being able to carry out this task throughout Uruguay, registration number 1299.

1.1 Our main objective is to achieve the concession of different legal businesses by bringing the parties together either in the purchase, sale, lease, investment and annexes. We also carry out appraisals, providing a professional and responsible service according to the statistical values of the market for a specific place and time.

1.2 Plaza Mayor is made up of a group of university professionals and vendors with long experience in the field, who provide advice to our clients, achieving outstanding efficiency in the environment.

1.3 We also have a team of external professionals, pre-selected, of architects, lawyers, notaries and accountants who provide a personalized service to evacuate concerns and provide better advice, in case you do not have a professional you trust. In these cases, the professional fees are paid by the interested party since it is not a service contemplated by Plaza Mayor, and the real estate agency is not responsible for the action or result.

1.4 In all transactions, the client must designate a trusted professional in order to determine the veracity and legality of the information provided to our company by the owner of the property given for sale or lease, Plaza Mayor not being responsible in case of discord or alteration of the information or documentation presented.

1.5 All the information contained in the website regarding the properties for rent or sale is provided by the owner of the property, Plaza Mayor not being responsible for any difference or inaccuracy in the data provided.

1.6 The prices and financing displayed on the website are subject to change without prior notice due to fluctuations in the real estate market and decisions of the owners. Therefore, it is requested in all cases to confirm the updated information through our contact channels.

Real estate selling.

2.1 Fees for intermediation in the sale: 3% plus VAT on the sale value of the good for each of the parties.

2.2 If you are interested in Plaza Mayor providing its services as a real estate agent, you must communicate through one of our means of contact, where the bases will be established in a consensual manner.

2.3 In the cases of sale, Plaza Mayor will carry out the intermediation being able to make purchase offers verbally, not having in any case responsibility for said offer, being the owner exclusively responsible for accepting or not.

2.4 Playa Mayor is not responsible for defects or hidden defects of the properties in whose intermediation it participates. The provisions of Articles 1661 to 1767 of the Civil Code being applicable to its effects.

Property leasing.

3.1 Lease contract fees: the value equivalent to one month’s rent plus VAT for each of the parties.

3.2 Contract renewal fees: the value equivalent to half a month’s rent plus VAT for each of the parties.

3.3 Property management fees: to be agreed with the client.

General disposition.

Intellectual property: Plaza Mayor properties and investments is a registered trademark before the DNPI, so all formats, contents, website, databases and programs are owned by it, being protected by national and international regulations regarding copyright. , trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use or total or partial reproduction of any content is expressly prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by Plaza Mayor.

Disclaimer: The client, owner or user exonerates Plaza Mayor properties from all responsibility for any damage, loss or loss, whether total or partial, caused by system, server or internet failures. Nor is it responsible for any virus or hacking that could affect the user’s equipment or their information as a result of access or use of its website or as a consequence of any transfer of data, images, texts, files, audios and / or any other content. . Users will not be able to make a claim for material damage or loss of profits due to technical failures of the system or the internet. Plaza Mayor does not guarantee continued access and use of its website, nor is it responsible for any error or omission of content.

Modification: Plaza Mayor may modify the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, making its content public on the web, beginning to govern them 7 calendar days after its publication.

Right of acceptance: Plaza Mayor reserves the right to accept or not the property (s), without stating reasons. The properties entered do not imply acceptance by the real estate agency, and the interested party must obtain confirmation from it.

Control and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing: In all cases Plaza Mayor strictly complies with the provisions of law 18,494, requesting personal information and sworn declaration of the origin of the funds used in the transaction for the concession of the projected business , which will be communicated to the UIAF of the BCU for its evaluation, if applicable.

I declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions, for which I express my consent and explicit acceptance of them.

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